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Highlight: Nutrition Matters – Success at Transcontinental Media

Transcontinental Media, Canada’s largest and most established and respected publishing company, has even more to brag about – they care about their employees’ health and wellness and it shows.Transcontinental ran the Healthy Detox Program to promote vitality and disease prevention. Attendees ranging from executives to administration united with one common goal: to maintain optimized health in today’s busy schedule. Donna, a busy mom and senior Editor for Canadian Life Magazine, said the program opened up her mind to many amazing tips and healthy food choices that she never thought of. “I feel great, and very happy I participated in the Detox Program, and it was very convenient to access at my workplace ”. The program was so successful Transcontinental plans to run it in January.Read the full article here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I enjoyed the Mindfulness seminar so much and I’ve only been hearing great things! Dr. Melissa was a great speaker, she was interactive from start to finish. The information was so useful and informative. A group of us from the HR department attended the seminar and I think we all discovered something new about ourselves that we didn’t know before. Based on the amount of questions at the end, I think this seminar was definitely a highlight from our 2018 CI Wellness Month!” –

Sarah Camacho
Human Resources
CI Investments

Having a healthy and productive staff is of the utmost importance to us here at CI. We have conducted Well Street’s Immune Booster Clinic at our offices on a semi-annual basis for the past three years, experiencing a fantastic turnout each time. As fewer staff are reported sick each year, word has spread internally with respect to the efficacy of the Immune Booster oral remedy. Healthy staff, fewer sick days… it’s a win-win for all!

Priscilla Mena
Human Resources Generalist
CI Investments

As part of our Healthy Workplace Week initiatives for the past few years, Well Street has provided us with lively, inspiring and interesting seminars about nutrition, work-life balance and other topics. Dr. Jaty and her colleagues are able to deliver relevant and timely information to enhance our employees’ health and well-being, all in an entertaining and interactive format.

Susan Oliver
Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Administration
Environics Analytics

My colleagues and I were thrilled to start the 21 Day Healthy Detox Program  after the Thanksgiving holiday! The program gave us all the tools and knowledge we needed to achieve success. The foods are delicious, the recipes were easy to follow and the results were extremely motivating. Beyond the 21 days, my colleagues and I are still incorporating the guidelines in our day to day lives. Our wellness culture has risen and the energy we see in our employees has made a positive impact in their work performance.  Thank you to the Well Street team for their education programs and passion to holistic healthy living!

Noor Aziz
Human Resources Generalist
Mobis Parts Canada

 Well Street provides high quality seminars, gladly working with me to determine the optimal topics for our employees. They are very receptive to feedback, extremely flexible with scheduling requests (early delivery times, specific facilitators), the quality of their delivery is outstanding and participant evaluations are always very positive. I thoroughly enjoy working with the Well Street team and look forward to continuing our relationship in future.

Anita Sieben
Healthy Workplace Specialist, Human Resources
City of Brampton

 The team at Well Street was helpful during the seminar selection process, plus they provided all of the communication materials, making it easy for me to get our employees excited. The seminar presentations were interactive, informative and full of useful facts. Dr. Jaty is somehow able to get the audience engaged, even if it is about the common cold! We’re excited to see what Well Street has planned for our 2017 Health and Wellness program!

Katherine Mior
Human Resources Generalist
Hyundai Canada

What Our Participants Are Saying…..

The Healthy Weight Program was a real motivator and it pushed me to increase my exercise level and think about healthy food choices – Laura, Healthy Weight Program Participant, CI Financial

The program was really an eye-opener for me, for a non-cook I learned so much about healthy food choices I can prepare for myself and my family. The group style was encouraging and motivational. – Jenny, Healthy Detox Program Participant, National Ballet of Canada

I really loved the 21 Day Detox Program, it showed me how to change my diet, make informed decisions about food choices. I have never felt better. Thanks so much for offering this program at my work place – Rochelle, Healthy Detox Program Participant, Samsung Canada

I am very happy I took part in the Healthy Detox Program at work. I really enjoyed feeling cleansed and having a better night sleep. – Kelly, Healthy Detox Program Participant, Fasken

I really enjoyed the lunch and learn seminar and can’t believe how much I learned about nutrition, fats and minerals. – Krista, Lunch ‘n’ Learn Seminar Participant, Legislative Assembly Ontario