Success Stories

Highlight: Detox Success at Transcontinental Media

Transcontinental Media, Canada’s largest and most established and respected publishing company, has even more to brag about – they care about their employees’ health and wellness and it shows.Transcontinental ran the Healthy Detox Program in Spring 2012 to promote vitality and disease prevention. Attendees ranging from executives to administration united with one common goal: to maintain optimized health in today’s busy schedule. Donna, a busy mom and senior Editor for Canadian Life Magazine, said the program opened up her mind to many amazing tips and healthy food choices that she never thought of. “I feel great, and very happy I participated in the Detox Program, and it was very convenient to access at my workplace ”. The program was so successful Transcontinental plans to run it in January.Read the full article here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

A life changing experience. The Healthy Weight Program is realistic. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy weight loss. – Elsa, Healthy Weight Program Participant, GO Transit

I lost both pounds and inches, but I’m most satisfied with the overall changes I’ve made in my lifestyle. These are the lasting changes. – Terri, Healthy Weight Program Participant, CI Financial

Great learning component. Not your normal diet. More like a complete wellness guide. Thank you! – Mike, Healthy Weight Program Participant, Metrolinx

The Healthy Weight Program was a real motivator and it pushed me to increase my exercise level and think about healthy food choices – Laura, Healthy Weight Program Participant, CI Financial

The program was really an eye-opener for me, for a non-cook I learned so much about healthy food choices I can prepare for myself and my family. The group style was encouraging and motivational. – Jenny, Healthy Detox Program Participant, National Ballet of Canada

I really loved the 21 Day Detox Program, it showed me how to change my diet, make informed decisions about food choices. I have never felt better. Thanks so much for offering this program at my work place – Rochelle, Healthy Detox Program Participant, Samsung Canada

I am very happy I took part in the Healthy Detox Program at work. I really enjoyed feeling cleansed and having a better night sleep. – Kelly, Healthy Detox Program Participant, Fasken

I really enjoyed the lunch and learn seminar and can’t believe how much I learned about nutrition, fats and minerals. – Krista, Lunch ‘n’ Learn Seminar Participant, Legislative Assembly Ontario