Natural Immune Booster Clinic FAQ’s

FAQ’s For Employees

The seasonal flu vaccine can be very effective at preventing 3 strains of the flu virus, which are predicted each year to affect the widest number of people. However, even with the flu shot, you are left vulnerable to the over 300 other flu strains, as well as the over 200 viruses that cause the common cold. So whether or not you choose to get the flu shot, other protections are needed to keep you healthy during the cold and flu season. The most effective way to gain this protection is through strengthening your body’s natural defense systems by boosting the immune system.

The Natural Immune Booster Clinic provides an opportunity for you to prevent colds and flus using a Natural Immune Booster called Pascoleucyn Forte – a natural formula administered as a mild-tasting drinkable formula in less than 5 minutes at your workplace, by a registered Naturopathic Doctor.  This gentle yet powerful remedy provides broad-spectrum protection against all viruses that cause the flu and common cold with just one to two doses given per season, for a healthy adult.

The Natural Immune Booster is a highly effective and easily administered seasonal immune booster that helps to increase the body’s natural defenses against the flu and cold viruses. This Natural Immune Booster contains a unique combination of herbal and homeopathic medicines to prevent the flu and common cold.

The Natural Immune Booster is effective on its own and can also be taken along with the flu vaccine to help reduce side effects and lower the risk of other viruses not covered by the vaccine.

Along with The Natural Immune Booster, you will also receive information on other ways to prevent the flu/cold and boost your immune system naturally.

Cost: $25 (receipt provided for insurance claims under Naturopathic services) 


What are the ingredients?
Pascoleucyn Forte contains the herb Echinacea, which is used as a preventive treatment against the susceptibility to infection because it enhances the body’s natural defenses. Pascoleucyn Forte also contains a homeopathic preparation combining several ingredients (Aconitum 4X, Bryonia 4X, Lachesis 13X and Sulfur Iodatum 4X) which, owing to their indications, are ideally suited for the treatment of inflammatory and febrile infections, especially for inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

What is a homeopathic remedy?
Homeopathic remedies are made from specific dilutions of plant, animal and mineral substances and are able to stimulate the body’s innate healing forces with few side effects. This powerful system of medicine is more than 200 years old and is widely accepted in many countries.

Is Pascoleucyn Forte widely used?
Pascoleucyn Forte is registered with Health Canada and has been on the market for over 60 years. It has been used widely by Medical Doctors and holistic practitioners in Germany for over 45 years. In Canada, it is used widely by Naturopathic Doctors with over 37,000 doses administered in the last 2 years. In Southern Ontario last year, it was administered out of over 150 clinics.

What are the side effects?
In very rare cases, hypersensitivity allergy reactions may occur with medications containing Echinacea. The allergy reaction may include a skin rash, itching, and in rare cases of a serious allergy, facial swelling, respiratory problems, dizziness and a fall in blood pressure. As with any injection, if the Natural Immune Booster is administered by injection, there may be soreness at the site of injection.

Should anyone not get this?
As Pascoleucyn Forte is an immune booster, it is not recommended for those with auto-immune diseases (such as MS, AIDS, HIV), inflammatory connective tissue disorders (collagen disease), or progressive systemic diseases (i.e., tuberculosis, leukemia). Please inform the administering practitioner if you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to iodine, Echinacea or any other member of the daisy family or if you have diabetes.

Is the Natural Immune Booster enough to protect me from the flu?
There is no medication that can guarantee 100% protection from the flu, including the flu vaccine. We recommend that everybody includes immune-enhancing health practices in their daily lives, including hygiene, nutrition, and other lifestyle practices. We provide an information sheet containing recommendations for immune health to everyone who receives the Natural Immune Booster.

Can I have the Natural Immune Booster even if I get the flu shot?
Yes! The Natural Immune Booster does not interfere with the flu shot, and can strengthen your immune system to decrease the risk of side effects and increase the efficacy of the flu shot.  The flu shot targets 3 specific strains of the flu virus, while the Natural Immune Booster boosts your immune system to combat all strains of the flu and cold virus.  We recommend that those who receive the flu vaccine also get the Natural Immune Booster.

Can I have the Natural Immune Booster if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Yes. The Natural Immune Booster is safe in pregnancy and lactation.

Is the Natural Immune Booster covered by my insurance?
You will be provided with an invoice covered under Naturopathic Services for the time spent with the Naturopathic Doctor at the clinic during which time they will discuss your immune health and administer the Natural Immune Booster. The Natural Immune Booster is provided gratis.

Can my family have access to the Natural Immune Booster?
You may purchase “take home” Natural Immune Boosters for self-administration at home for your family.  The cost is $25 per remedy but cannot be covered by insurance as it is not directly administered on-site by our Naturopathic Doctors.

Contact us if you have any other questions regarding the Natural Immune Booster.