Healthy Me Program

Building A Healthy Workforce From the Ground Up

Health is more than just the absence of disease.  Health is when your body is performing optimally and in balance.  When your body is functioning the way it’s designed to, you not only look, feel and think at your best, but you also lower your risk of development illness.

In a 2013 report that surveyed workplace wellness practices of over 400 Canadian companies, the top motivator employers cited for offering wellness to their employees was to “improve employee physical health” followed next by “improve employee mental health.”  More and more employers are recognizing that instead of dangling carrots in front of employees, shifting the focus to providing support for both the physical and mental health of their employees will lead to sustained measurable changes like increased productivity,  employee retention, and engagement, while decreasing absenteeism and drug spending.

Holistic (aka whole body and mind) health is the cornerstone of the Well Street philosophy.  Our healthcare team has seen from their vast experiences that focusing on one area of health leads merely to temporary changes, while long-lasting shifts in health occur when we account for all aspects of health simultaneously.  From this, we have developed the “4 Spheres of Health”:



About The Program

The Healthy ME Program is a “wellness for life” starter program designed by Professional Health Practitioners to help participants start to build a strong foundation for complete health and wellness. In this medically supervised program, participants are transformed across the “4 Spheres of Health” – Nutrition, Fitness, Body, and Mind. Not only will participants learn about healthy eating and fitness, they will learn tools to help manage stress and mood, as well as reduce existing symptoms and prevent future disease development.

Employees will learn practical information including:

  • Navigate through the complexity of today’s modern choices to build a diet that promotes ideal weight, disease prevention, and optimal body function.
  • Integrate a complete fitness regimen to increase endurance and strength for better energy and an optimized metabolism.
  • Utilize appropriate tools to cope with stress and cultivate a sharper mind.
  • Promote physical health including reduced chronic pain and inflammation, improved sleep and increased immunity.
  • Maintain the “4 Spheres of Health” in a life goal map to achieve lasting optimized health.
Program Includes:

  • Three (3) 60MIN sessions with a health professional
  • Group setting to provide ongoing support and motivation
  • Easy recipes and techniques you can do at home
  • Supplement and herbal medicines
  • Program handbook with all the information you need to succeed
Benefits Include

Maintain a healthy weight
Increase energy
Cultivate a sharp mind
Increase endurance and strength
Maximize fitness potential
Cope better with stress
Sleep better
Live a healthier and longer life!

The Healthy ME Program may be covered by extended health care benefits under services for Naturopathic Doctors.

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