Healthy Nutrition Program

Improve Diet, Improve Staff Morale

Healthy and nutritious food is the cornerstone of good health.  In the age of self-help book, Google, and Dr. Oz, it can become difficult to navigate the ins and outs of healthy eating.  Good nutrition is more than just a fad diet, avoiding a bad food, or eating a lot of a good food.  Good nutrition is all about balance – balanced nutrients, balanced plate-sizes, balanced eating schedules, and balancing treats.  A balanced diet lays the groundwork for every system, organ, and cell in your body to be healthier and perform at it’s best.  Food is the best medicine and the best prevention.

A healthy balanced diet is vital in the prevention and treatment of a wide assortment of diseases including as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, digestive conditions, skin conditions, allergies, cancer, mood disorders, etc. This will not only reduce organizational costs for medical coverage, disability and extended sick leave, but good eating habits tend to extend to the whole family, reducing absences for sick children.

Good nutrition will not only help your employees maintain a healthy body weight, but will impact energy levels, concentration and focus, mood, body aches and pains, and much more.  But most importantly, eating well will make your employees feel great – a contagious feeling that will spread from one desk to another, across all departments, and resulting in a huge boost to staff morale and an overall “good place to work” feel that both employees, and visitors can experience.


About The Program

The Healthy Nutrition Program at Well Street is designed by Professional Health Practitioners to help you establish healthier eating habits. In this program, you will learn how certain foods impact the body and how to eat in a way that will optimize your health.  Dietary habits will be introduced and discussions as a group will help you to integrate these habits into your daily routine and pass on the benefits to your family and loved ones. This program will change the way you look at food.

This program isn’t just about counting calories, lo-fat, or textbook nutrition science.  Employees will learn practical information including:

  • What’s the big deal about GLUTEN?
  • Which oils to cook with
  • Organic vs. Non-Organic
  • Clean meats – is it worth to go free range?
  • How to get enough protein through plants and animal sources
  • New foods, new recipes
Program Includes:

  • 3 x 60MIN Group Sessions
  • Food Sampling
  • Tons of Healthy Recipes
  • Program handbook
Benefits Include

Increased Energy
Better Sleep
Stay Alert & Focused
Keep a Healthy Weight
Improve Digestion
Decrease Inflammation
Lower Blood Pressure
Stabilize Blood Sugar
Normalize Cholesterol
Strengthen Bones
Fewer Colds and Flus
Reduce Risk of Developing Diseases Including Cancer

The Healthy Nutrition Program may be covered by extended health care benefits under services for Certified Nutritionists or Naturopathic Doctors.

Call us today to find out how you can bring this employee health and wellness program to your workplace.

Did You Know

Eating unhealthily is linked with a 66 percent increased risk of loss of productivity 1
Access to healthy food (and protection from unsafe and unhealthy food and eating arrangements) is as essential as protection from workplace chemicals or noise. 2
Hypoglycaemia, or low blood sugar, which can occur when one skips a meal, can shorten attention span and slow the speed at which humans process information 3

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