Healthy Weight Program

Fighting Obesity in the Workplace

Obesity in the workplace is a growing phenomenon, with repercussions for both workers and their employers. Studies have found that the combination of a sedentary job and poor eating habits can lead to obesity, and pave the way for a litany of diseases, from arthritis to infertility, heart disease to cancer. Linda Barrington, research director of The Conference Board management excellence program, explains how this affects employers:

“Employers need to realize that obesity is not solely a health and wellness issue. Employees’ obesity-related health problems in the United States are costing companies billions of dollars each year in medical coverage and absenteeism.”
– Linda Barrington, The Conference Board

About The Program

The 10-Week Healthy Weight Program teaches strategies and healthy habits to help employees effectively optimize and manage their weight. Designed and delivered by Naturopathic Doctors, participants receive a blend of holistic nutritional and dietary guidance as well as fitness and lifestyle strategies to establish a life changing transformation in both physical health and lifestyle habits.

This is not a fad diet, a crash diet, or a starvation diet. This is not a weight loss program where participants count calories or points. This is a weight loss program that gives its participants the knowledge to eat and live in a balanced and healthy manner, which they can continue after the completion of the 10-week program and implement in various degrees at any time in the future to maintain a healthy weight. The healthy habits established in this employee wellness program will last a lifetime, and can be extended to the whole family.

“A life changing experience. The Healthy Weight Program is realistic. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy weight loss.”
– Elsa, GO Transit

Rather than going it alone, the group support setting gives participants a network of professionals and peers they can rely on. It is a proven fact that groups tremendously boost motivation and willpower. We have seen time and time again that groups raise the success level of every participant, through the sharing of experiences, encouragement during difficult times, and cheering on during successes.

The 10-Week Healthy Weight Program includes:

  • Easy to follow dietary plan
  • Lifestyle-customized exercise plan
  • Stress management techniques
  • Science nutrition knowledge
  • Metabolism boosting tips
  • Healthy recipes
  • Taste-testing new foods
  • Food triggers management
  • Portion control strategies
  • Medical supervision

The Healthy Weight Program may be covered by extended health care benefits under services for Naturopathic Doctors.

Call us today to find out how this weight loss employee wellness program can help your employees lost weight, maintain an optimal weight, live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and reach their full potential.

Did You Know

In 2000, less than 15% of Canadian adults were obese. Today, the obesity rate has soared close to 25% and continues to rise 1
Obese employees spend 36% more on health services, more than smoking or problem drinking 2
More than 40% of U.S. companies have already implemented obesity-reduction programs, which may help attract and retain talent 3

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