WEBINAR: The Future Of Wellness – Millennials & Work-Life Integration

Our Annual Holiday Lunch & Webinar, features Well Street’s Medical Director, Dr. Jaty Tam, ND, speaking about 2 topics: work-life balance and the new millennial workforce.  In the first part, Dr. Jaty discusses the transition of the work-life balance concept and that of work-life integration.  The second part of the webinar focuses on how to engage your millennial employees, who will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 – time to listen up and change to suit this new cohort of the workforce.

This presentation was provided live and via webinar as part of our Annual Holiday Lunch for Human Resources and workplace wellness coordinators at companies across Canada.  If you are interested in an invitation to future events, please contact Donna Henderson donna@wellstr.com

If you are having trouble viewing this video on our website, you can watch it on YouTube.

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