10 Tips To Build a Healthier Brain & Emotional Wellbeing

What we eat can impact our risk of depression and have a dramatic impact on our overall wellbeing.
Check out these great tips for a healthy mind and body.Eat nuts and seeds every day – these are a rare source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that promotes circulation and repairing brain tissue.
Remember folic acid (Folate) – people deficient in folate are at an increased risk of early dementia and cognitive decline. To get more folic acid, just eat green food!
Take a fish oil supplement – taking 3000 mg of the fatty acids EPA + DHA is enough to balance mood, enhance circulation and increase mental acuity.
Avoid neurotoxic chemicals – smoking, recreational drugs, exposure to pesticides, drinking too much alcohol and consuming excess food additives have all been associated with a decline in mental performance. Keep these items to a minimum.
Take a vitamin D3 supplement – besides being good for immunity, bone strength and fighting cancer, vitamin D helps boost our mood and acts as an antioxidant for the brain.
Destress – like a deer in headlights, anxiety can hinder our productivity. Find the right stress-relieving technique for you, and while you’re at it, consider taking Ashwagandha. As an adaptogenic herb, it can assist in the normalization of cortisol output, allowing us to keep calm and carry on with our day.
Consider choline – this helps our bodies make acetylcholine, the primary neurotransmitter for learning and memory. Choline is especially effective with reducing age-related short-term memory trouble. Get choline from egg yolks or take the supplement form called Alpha GPC, proven to be well absorbed into the brain.
Never go thirsty – once thirsty, you’re already dehydrated! Be proactive about drinking water consistently.
Eat berries – they are bursting with antioxidants. Like their name suggests, antioxidants have the power to reduce oxidative damage in our tissues, including the brain.
Keep the gate keepers – all of our brain cells have gatekeepers called phospholipids, that allow nutrients in and get rid of waste. Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) is a gate keeper that, past the age of 40, we start to loose. Supplementing with 100mg of PS has been shown to improve concentration, reduce stress and improve sleep quality
Call to Action: Be Mindful
Today, fight the urge to rely on autopilot mode. Pay attention to every step with the intention of being better. Eat well, drink fluids and take the right supplements to support your brain. Feel good about making a commitment that will result in a happier, more productive version of yourself.
By Melissa Piercell, ND 
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