Balanced pH = Balanced Health

pH testing is a tool we use in our programs, including the Healthy Detox Program, to measure the state of someone’s health.
pH measures the acid-base balance in your body.  Your blood has a very small range of pH that it needs to maintain for proper function of every cell and metabolic function in your body.
pH is often measured through the saliva and urine, which can be an indication of the acid-base balance of the blood.  We use salivary pH in our programs because it is quick and easy to administer – giving us immediate information about one’s health.
The optimal range for salivary pH is 7.0-7.5.  When pH is below 7.0, this indicates an acidic internal environment.  Increased acidity is associated with inflammation, which is the basis of a number of health conditions including high blood pressure, IBS, chronic pain, arthritis, etc.
Tipping towards an acidic environment can also have a huge impact on your bone health.  When our blood is a too acidic, it needs calcium to help “buffer” the acid-base balance of the blood.  Where does this calcium come from?  The body actually starts to break down bones to get the calcium needed to buffer the acid-base balance of the blood.
What causes too much acidity?  Your diet plays a big role.  In general, vegetables tend to tip you away from acidity, while animal meats and dairy products can make you more acidic.  But even if you are eating a lot of veggies, your pH test may still show acidity if you are under chronic stress.
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