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Spring Cleaning to Enhance Your Overall Wellness

April means that we are now one-third of the way complete with 2021, and with a new season, it may be a good idea to do some spring cleaning. This doesn’t just mean doing a thorough cleaning of your closet or your room, but actually taking the time to unpack and unlearn some of your current habits that may not be doing you any good.

How To Keep Your Motivation Up During The Pandemic

From students to employees, many Canadians can relate to the feeling unmotivated. In a study by the University of Toronto, it found that anxiety regarding COVID-19 has been negatively affecting employees. Similarly, students who have been doing their studies primarily online are also feeling mentally drained from the lack of social interaction.

Fuelling Your Well-Being With Healthy Nutrition

Many Canadians have actually shifted their eating habits because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A report by HelloFresh found that nearly 60 percent of Canadians have changed their eating habits. In a research article conducted by Ipsos for TD, it found that 54 percent of Canadians said they are doing more cooking at home. The pandemic has caused many Canadians to be more mindful of the food that they eat, and this is a great opportunity for some to focus on getting a better diet that would be beneficial for their lifestyles.