Canada Is In the Middle Of A Rough Flu Season – And The Worst Is Yet To Come

 Influenza cases are spiking across the country and infectious disease experts warn the worst may be yet to come. Every year, approximately 70 percent of Canadian companies offer their employees a flu immunization program. Despite these well-planned efforts, companies continue to report a dwindling number of attendees. And to make matters worse, previous years’ vaccine effectiveness did not help this decline –  when vaccine effectiveness against the dominant H3N2 strain was less than 10 per cent – the worst rate recorded in the decade.
While challenges remain, experts are optimistic that this year’s flu vaccine will offer better protection than the 2014/2015 version. Flu viruses are continuously mutating and changing however, so even though a vaccine protects against the H3N2 strain, experts say it doesn’t mean it will be very effective against the current virus in circulation. A focus on increased prevention strategies and well-being offerings are trending in the workplace. For example, many companies, in addition to their traditional flu vaccine clinic, are offering employees choices to augment the flu clinic, such as:  holistic and natural-based immune boosters, and prevention strategies to adapt new behaviours through a more holistic approach to wellness. With the flu season lasting through the spring, new approaches to build total well-being are a great way to help benefit the workplace and combat the devastating impact of the flu season. Learn more about Well Street’s  Natural Immune Booster Clinic and other Healthy Flu Season Strategies  for your employees – offered across Canada.