March is National Nutrition Month!  Find the power of nutrition this month, with weekly health hacks from Well Street’s Medical Director, Jaty Tam, ND.
Are you are eating keto, paleo, or just trying to cut down on carbs?  Replacing carbs with veggies can  reduce caloric intake, sugars, and can be a good way to increase your vegetable intake.  Here are my top 3 favourite ways to swap out carbs for veg.

  1. Cauliflower can be a great replacement. I often will use it to replace half the potatoes in my mashed potatoes.  It can also be made into a number of bready replacements, like bread, breadsticks, and even pizza crust (Pizza Pizza even has a cauliflower pizza crust now). Cauliflower can even be made into popcorn.

Here are some recipes:
Cauliflower mashed potatoes
Cauliflower pizza crust
Cauliflower breadsticks
Cauliflower popcorn–popcorn–

  1. Tomatoes are an easy bread replacement, especially at a restaurant. When I go for brunch, I will often get them to swap my bread for tomato slices on the side of my bacon and eggs.  Small tomatoes cut in half can also be a good bun for slider burgers.
  2. Zucchini noodles – if you have not tried it yet, now’s the time.This is a great pasta replacement. I will often just sub out my noodles in hot or cold recipes with zucchini noodles, or do a 50/50 brown rice noodle and zoodle (zucchini noodle).  Zucchini can also be sliced and made into fettucini-like noodles, or layered into a lasagna.  To make zoodles, you will need a vegetable spiralizer – the price of these have come down over the years and is a worthwhile kitchen gadget. Here is a review of different spiralizers

Here are some recipes:
20 zucchini noodle recipes
Zucchini lasagna
Zucchini ravioli
Article Written By: Jaty Tam ND. Dr. Jaty is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto and the Medical Director and Co-Founder of Well Street Health. Driven by her passion for health education, and her desire to bring wellness principles to the corporate world (in which she spent many years before becoming a Naturopathic Doctor), Dr. Jaty, continues to inspire audiences through Keynote Speaking  and building innovative corporate wellness programs that cultivate winning wellness cultures

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