Cold & Flu Spikes in January

Many employees are rolling back to work sick after the holidays – feeling run down and worse than ever.
To help your employees stay strong and fight the many viruses and colds attacking them this year, natural immune boosting clinics have become very popular, says Dr. Lisa Weeks, ND, onsite Naturopathic Doctor at TELUS Canada. “Many people don’t realize the flu season spikes in January and lasts until the end of March,” says Weeks. “Companies offering ongoing year round immune boosting solutions to their employees with prevention tips and techniques are in a better position to keep their employees healthy and strong over the long season.”
Well Street’s Medical Director, Jaty Tam, ND, recommends that: “Those looking to decrease their risk of cold and flu can do something as simple as getting the Immune Booster Remedy.  It takes only a few minutes, and just one mild-tasting oral dose can boost your immune system for months and really give you an edge on keeping illness at bay.  I encourage all my patients to receive a dose at the start of the flu season in October and then again in January.  The second wave of the flu in January is often overlooked as the flu vaccination programs have ended, but this is when our vitamin D levels are lowest and we are very susceptible to viral attack.”
An immune boosting clinic can be run seasonally starting at your organization as early as October running until the end of March.
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