Corporate Wellness Provider Well Street Spins Off From Work Well Health Canada

“Focusing exclusively on Corporate Wellness allows us to give 100% to our corporate clients and continue to evolve our workplace wellness programs and services to give the best to our clients. This work is exciting because we can help companies save money while helping people live healthier lives.” says Karen Rasmussen Co-Founder at Well Street Inc.
Recognizing the need to focus solely on the growing needs of corporate wellness, Dr. Jaty Tam ND (Naturopathic Doctor) and Karen Rasmussen, former Clinical Director and former VP Sales and Marketing respectively at Work Well Health Canada, have formed Well Street.
Work Well Health Canada was founded in 2009 providing individual health services and on-site corporate wellness services. With the opening success of their Front Street wellness clinic in the summer of 2011, Karen and Jaty along with Meera Gupta, owner of Work Well Health Canada, recognized the need to separate the Corporate and Individual services and focus on what they do best.
Karen and Jaty, led by their passion for creating healthy workplaces, decided to take the foundation they built at Work Well Health Canada, including Group Wellness Programs and Seminars, to form Well Street. Meanwhile, Meera and her growing team of health professionals continue to focus on individual health services and a range of holistic health options at the Front Street Clinic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Well Street and Work Well Health Canada will continue to remain united in their common goal of bringing optimal health and wellness to individuals in the workplace. Well Street will provide workplace wellness solutions on-site to companies of all sizes, while Work Well Health Canada’s clinics will serve those employees who want additional healthcare services outside of the office.
About Well Street:
Well Street is a Canadian company providing corporate wellness solutions, focusing on keeping employees well and decreasing ballooning health benefits costs for businesses. Wellness programs are shaped to the client’s unique culture and are provided onsite to businesses across Canada. Services include: Quick Stop Smoking, Healthy Weight Program, health and wellness seminars, massage therapy, 21-Day Detox Program, Stress Program, ergonomics, and healthy workplace assessments. Well Street also provides consulting services to ensure that companies get the right programs off the ground to build a thriving wellness culture. For more information contact Karen Rasmussen at or visit