How You Eat Is Just As Important As What You Eat

March is National Nutrition Month and, while we all know the importance of what we put into our bodies, did you know that how you eat is just as important? Check out our Medical Director’s top questions to ask yourself that will assist you in building Good Food Habits…

HOW QUICKLY do you eat?
Finishing a meal in 20 minutes is ideal. Less than that and you’re more likely to overeat, not chew well, and not enjoy or notice the quality of your food. Spend as much time enjoying your meal as it took to prepare it.
Some great ways to do this are:
Put down your fork between each bite
Check the clock at the 10 minute mark and, if you’re more than halfway finished, stop eating and wait 5 minutes before resuming.
WHEN do you stop eating?

When your plate is empty?
When you feel full?
When you feel like it?
When you can’t eat another bite?
Follow your internal cue – your sense of fullness – vs external cues such as the amount of food still on your plate. In Japanese culture they have a saying – “Hara Hachi Bu” – eat until you’re 80% full. A great rule of thumb.
WHERE do you eat?
Do you eat in front of the TV?
At your desk? In your car?
On the run?
When you’re not paying attention to your meal you chew less, eat faster, overeat, you don’t taste or enjoy your food, and you’re more likely to eat less nutritious food. This impacts your overall health, your digestion, and your stress levels. Instead, regardless of where you are, be aware of using your five senses while eating, savour your food and, eat socially whenever you can.