Interview with Epson Canada | Workplace Wellness Strategies for Success

Well Street’s Client Director, Donna Henderson, recently sat down with Lynne Lyon, HR Manager at Epson Canada, to learn about what’s fuelling their wellness strategy and what Epson is doing to engage a diverse multi-generational workforce. From the importance of cultivating emotional resilience, to focusing on prevention strategies, Lynne explains what’s worked at Epson and the importance of leadership support to drive success.
Client: Lynne Lyon, HR Manager, Epson Canada 
What would you say is the key to a successful & sustainable employee wellness strategy? 
Consistency is key. Finding out what our employees are interested in; not just assuming we know is also very important, along with continually re-evaluating. And, providing wellness programs not only for our employees but also the positive effect on their families is key. 
What are the business goals driving your wellness strategy? 
Firstly, productivity of our employees is a key driver. Also, we view our wellness initiatives as a talent attraction and retention strategy. Including wellness as part of our overall benefits package we have found to be a core component of our talent strategy. 
What are some ways in which Epson is supporting emotional resilience?  
We do manager-specific training to ensure our management team is current on mental health viewpoints. Also, 1:1 employee meetings every year between HR and each employee to keep open lines of communication allows us stay abreast and ahead of the curve 
What advice do you offer to engage wellness in a multi-generational workforce? 
Be very open-minded. Initiatives like physical health & diet are much more front & centre now for Millenials, vs when Gen X’ers or Boomers were that age. It’s a different time now, and there are different expectations. We must always provide opportunities for all ages to interact, ask questions, and have an open forum to give input etc. 

How does Epson take into account the diverse wellness needs of its employees? 
 We have a very multi-cultural workforce here. We must always consider religious restrictions, dietary differences, plus we even must look at our benefits package and ensure that it aligns with cultural differences. For example, a number of years ago we added acupuncture to our coverage as our employees requested it. Our cultural diversity plays out in all that we do, including any wellness initiatives.
Why is prevention important to your wellness strategy?
We want employees to stay healthy of course. From an HR perspective, healthy and happy staff leads to productivity & retention. From a business perspective we want to mitigate short and long term disability, and time off in general, as this can be very costly (increase in premiums, cost to hire temp staff to cover individual who is off, accommodating needs upon employee’s return to work etc.). 
 How do your leaders model behaviour that support your wellness strategy and make it easier for their teams to follow suit?
Our leadership team is very supportive of both HR and employee initiated wellness programs. Managers will often attend and participate themselves, as well as provide input on new initiatives. We run lean, so we can’t afford people to be off, therefore leadership is supportive of people staying healthy.  
 What trends are you seeing?
Workplace wellness has become more high profile. It’s a need-to-have, no longer a nice-to-have like it was just a few short years ago.  
 Thank you for sharing your insights with us Lynne, from Epson Canada! 
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Article Written By: Donna Henderson, Director of Client Services at Well Street Health. Donna partners with forward thinking companies across Canada, providing effective, customized solutions to champion employee wellness and positive work cultures.  With over 20 years of experience in progressive Marketing Management and Client Service roles in the corporate world, Donna understands how elevated stress levels and unbalanced lives can have a negative effect on an individual’s health. Donna’s commitment to providing effective, customized solutions to corporations in order to champion employee wellness is coupled with her unshakeable belief in how targeted wellness solutions can have huge positive returns for both the organization as well as the employees.

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