ROI of workplace wellness programmes goes beyond ‘mere dollars saved’

UK-based website WSB (Workplace Savings and Benefits) summarizes a recent report from the Workplace Wellness Alliance, which gathered data from almost 2 million employees spanning 125 countries around the world.
Key points:

  • Diseases related to dietary behaviours (e.g., obesity, diabetes) are associated with reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and higher medical bills
  • Corporate medical costs can be up to a third higher for obese employees
  • Smoking cessation programs made the biggest splash in ROI by saving money through the lost productivity of cigarette breaks
  • Stress reduction programs can help create a blueprint for implementing effective programs
  • Centralized and customized program design can lead to increased long-term engagement and reduced turnover
  • Programs that utilized technology and showed flexibility (evenings and weekends) had greater engagement

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