Spring Cleaning to Enhance Your Overall Wellness

Winter has officially come to an end! The warmer weather is slowly starting to linger throughout Canada. With the beginning of April, the days are getting longer and spring is finally in full swing.

For many, this past winter likely felt like one of the longest winters to endure given how the COVID-19 pandemic has now lasted for an entire season cycle. Since the pandemic started last year in March, it has been a difficult obstacle for many Canadians who have had to abruptly change their daily routines to follow the restricted guidelines that have been imposed to prevent the spread of the virus.

In the previous blog, we briefly explored how the mental health of Canadians have significantly suffered as a result of the pandemic. As a result, staying motivated during these unprecedented times has been difficult for everyone. From students to employees, the decrease of physical face-to-face interaction has made the majority of Canadians feel more lonely and isolated, as found by a poll conducted by Ipsos last year.

While the majority of Canadians are still waiting for their COVID-19 vaccines, it is important to take this time now to practice some self-care to keep yourself motivated during these times.

April means that we are now one-third of the way complete with 2021, and with a new season, it may be a good idea to do some spring cleaning. This doesn’t just mean doing a thorough cleaning of your closet or your room, but actually taking the time to unpack and unlearn some of your current habits that may not be doing you any good.

Spring cleaning to address certain behaviours and can be beneficial in giving you a much needed refresh just in time for the new season.

Decluttering Your Physical and Mental Space

Spring cleaning can often give you the satisfaction of starting brand new by removing things that no longer add any value to your lifestyle. Carolyn Rodriguez, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University, tells Yahoo! Finance that the pandemic has caused many to mix work with home, and creating a boundary that distinguishes one from the other is beneficial in helping people become more productive and motivated.

The way to achieve this separation of work from home is to follow a spring cleaning procedure that aims to declutter both your physical and mental space. In other words, it is organizing the place where you physically live to work and play, as well as reassessing your mind by taking a closer look at the behaviours you partake in which influences your current habits.

Below, we will explore the importance of clearing your physical and mental space to improve your overall wellness.

Your Physical Space

In the past year, many people have become more mindful of the physical space they live in. Because of the pandemic, many have probably taken upon DIY initiatives to tidy up their home office spaces or improve anything else in their residence. With the absence of having to go to an office, it has become important for many to create a working space that allows them to work comfortably.

But did you know that the physical space that you live in can actually affect your mood? According to the American Psychological Association, the spaces that we live in can influence our mood and well-being, as discussed in a podcast episode that explored the psychology of design.

There are many components that affect the overall atmosphere of a room – from lighting to furniture, all of these parts are important. As a matter of fact, even the wall colour of a room can influence the mood of people according to an article from HGTV which looked at the psychology of colour.

In the context of spring cleaning, understanding that the physical space you live in can affect your mood and behaviour is important to know as it could be the factor that may be hindering your motivation. It is important to remember that even the littlest things like keeping your room clean or cleaning out your closet can give you a sense of satisfaction which is also tied to your mental well-being.

Your Mental Space

While doing spring cleaning to keep your physical space tidy is important, you should also prioritize decluttering your mental space to help you stay more focused on your goals. For many, they may not be aware of their own bad habits because these tendencies can often be swept away as a one-off behaviour while not knowing that it has become a recurring behaviour.

For example, how do you react when you feel stressed? Do you let your emotions get to you? Remember that moderation is key, but if stress is causing you to participate in something that may not be good for you physically, emotionally or mentally, then it may be time to stop and think and perhaps address these bad habits with a spring cleaning aimed towards cleansing your unhealthy mentalities.

Decluttering your mind is a great way to gain mental clarity. In an article published in Harvard Medical School, it noted that spring cleaning with the purpose of decluttering the mind is beneficial for one’s health. This is due to the fact that some people may use this as an opportunity to take upon healthy habits such as healthier eating or building resilience.

Additionally, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) also further emphasized that spring cleaning is a great way to remember to take care of one’s self. Especially during the pandemic, self-care has never been more important due to the isolation that many are facing. Taking the time to declutter your mental space is a good way to refresh your mind and focus on the goals you have set to better yourself.

Spring Cleaning With Well Street

Now that spring has sprung, perhaps you or your company may be looking to do some of your own spring cleaning to clear your mental spaces and regain some motivation. Well Street offers a wide selection of programs and seminars and we can help you or your company adopt healthier practices to support the overall well-being of yourself or others.

At Well Street, we are founded on the principles of introducing healthy practices to the workplace, which encompasses both mental and physical health. Comprised of medical professionals who have a background in naturopathy, we aim to help organizations foster a healthy corporate environment in order to boost productivity and morale.

If you would like to learn more about how our team can help you or your company, consider contacting us to find out more. We are happy to provide you with guidelines and approaches to support the wellbeing of your team members through virtual seminars and programs.

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