5 Tips to Communicate Workplace Wellness

Wellness programs can be a great solution to boost morale, ignite productivity and help companies save money in terms of health care costs, worker compensation claims and reduced absenteeism.
With information overload in the workplace, messaging can get lost. Effective worksite wellness communication requires frequent contact through multiple communications channels. Here a few effective communication tips to ensure your wellness initiatives achieve most attention and the desired outcomes.
Tip 1 – Survey The Needs of Your Employees
When developing a worksite wellness program it is best to survey employees to understand their greatest interest and assess their level of intent. Surveys allow you to focus on the wellness solutions that will provide the best engagement and impact for your employees
Tip 2 – Target Communications to Employee Interests
Create communications that target the specific group and employee demographic relating to their health issues. One size may not fit all when it comes to promoting health communications. Spend a little research up front to refine and tailor your message to the localized group. Delegate area champions who can target employees within a specific interest group with relevant communications and updates.
Tip 3 – Brand Wellness Communication
Branding the wellness program provides name identity, visual recognition, and engagement. It means even more if there is employee involvement in the creation of the corporate wellness brand. Employers want to sell their wellness program and what better way than to make employees the sales agents. Employees involved in branding own it and believe in it.
Tip 4 – Timing is Everything
When creating a wellness program it is important to think about timing and when will programs get the best response. Is it in Fall when the kids are back to school? Early in the new year when people want to start fresh and have the best intention? Or is it in the Spring when people tend to feel alive again and come out of hibernation?
The time of day/week and month should also be considered when sending wellness communications to ensure optimum readership. Should communication be sent middle of week, Monday morning or Friday night? Create momentum with communications that tie in with other wellness awareness events such as National Non Smoking Week or National or Wold Heart Day. A list of Canadian Health Promotion Calendar days is here
Tip 5– Use Internal Social Media to Support the Wellness Program
Internal social media channels are a great way to provide support for a worksite wellness program.

  • Executives can provide endorsement by writing a personal blog of their efforts.
  • Online support groups can share tips, offer suggestions, ask questions etc.
  • People can submit ideas related to a health topic or practices. E.g. Ex-smokers can contribute the “Tips I used to quit.”