Health Hack – The Power Of Avocado

March is National Nutrition Month!  Find the power of nutrition this month, with weekly health hacks from Well Street’s Medical Director, Jaty Tam’s ND.
The avocado.  This fruit is now well known as a superfood for good reason.  Here’s a highlight of what makes the avocado a nutritional powerhouse:
Healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats
Why it Matters:  Good, heart healthy fats. A good helping of fibre =Helps your heart and digestive tract
Chock full of vitamins (C, E, K, B’s) and minerals (iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc copper, and more)
Why it Matters:  Better than your multivitamin!
15% of your daily intake of vitamin B5 = The “anti-stress hormone”
Why it Matters: Rich in antioxidants = Prevents cell damage (can help with cancer, eye health, heart health, etc)
How to eat avocado?
Other than putting it on your salad, here are some brilliant ways to include avocado in your life:

  1. Spread it on your toast instead of butter.We’ve all heard of avocado toast. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Here are some ideas for bringing your avo-toast to the next level:
  2. Sub it for butter when baking. Avocado can replace butter 1 for 1 in a recipe (e.g., 1 cup of butter = 1 cup of mashed avocado).  Full instructions here:
  3. Add to soups for dairy-free creaminess.Get all the creaminess without the cream. Here are some tips and recipes:
  4. Sub it for yoghurt in your favourite smoothies.Throw fresh or frozen avocado into your smoothie to get the same creaminess as yoghurt. Here’s a recipe:
  5. Sub it for mayo on your favourite sandwich.The creaminess of avocado can mimic the creamy mayo. Here is a recipe for tuna salad using avo subbed for mayo:

Looks like it’s time to add more Avocado into your life.  I like to keep a bag of frozen avocadoes in my freezer to add into smoothies, soups, and baking.  A great way to add healthy fat and other nutrients into my family’s diet.
Article Written By: Jaty Tam ND. Dr. Jaty is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto and the Medical Director and Co-Founder of Well Street Health. Driven by her passion for health education, and her desire to bring wellness principles to the corporate world (in which she spent many years before becoming a Naturopathic Doctor), Dr. Jaty, continues to inspire audiences through Keynote Speaking  and building innovative corporate wellness programs that cultivate winning wellness cultures

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