Transcontinental Media Runs Detox Program as Part of "Healthy You" Wellness Initiative

Transcontinental Media, Canada’s largest and most established and respected publishing company, has even more to brag about – they care about their employee’s health and wellness and it shows.
For the last 3 years The Transcontinental Health and Wellness Team have come up with some pretty creative wellness initiatives for their employees. The Wellness Team runs as an internal champion for workplace wellness, complete with branding communication, strategies, goals and targets. Composed of 5 people from various departments, this passionate group focuses on creating timely, relevant and refreshing programs to keep their employees healthier and happier.
A fairly younger and sales-driven workforce, Transcontinental sets the example for relevant wellness programs. Their internal wellness program called “Healthy You”, targets their employees’ health needs with 3 key buckets of wellness information: Physical Wellbeing , Nutrition, and Internal Benefits Awareness. Programs in the past have included: blood pressure clinics, flu clinics, body boot camp, yoga, meditation and core class. One popular program: “Fruit Day” has had a big impact. “Everybody in the company receives a piece of fruit at their desk one day a month and the joy this little gift creates is quite amazing”, says Transcontinental HR Specialist Jenny Pruegger. “When people receive something for their health it results in a very positive buzz, employees feel appreciated and cared for.” says Jenny and this is a fantastic way of promoting a positive culture.
Recognizing the needs of their dynamic workforce, Transcontinental was excited to run Well Street’s Healthy Detox Program to promote optimized health, vitality and disease prevention. The Detox program ran at a perfect time in Spring 2012, just before the kids got out of school. A mix of employees ranging from executives to administration attended the Detox program all united with one common goal: to maintain optimized health in today’s busy schedule. Donna, a senior account manager and busy mom juggling her career and family attended the program and said she finally had a good night’s sleep and felt cleansed after taking the Detox program. “I am so happy I participated in the Detox Program and something like this was accessible at my workplace”.
With the success of the Detox program and other onsite wellness programs catering to their younger demographic, the Transcontinental Wellness Team continues to promote a vital and thriving workplace culture and plan to run the Detox program again in January.
What’s next on the agenda for the Transcontinental Wellness Team? Never short on ideas, innovation and motivation, the team is thrilled about the feedback and how wellness programs contribute to the positive wellbeing of their employees’. No doubt new and exciting ideas are in the works.