From digital educational seminars to multi-week programs and keynote speaking. We take pride in consulting with our clients to ensure the best solutions to suite their company cultures. Our wellness experts are able to customize any of our solutions to be tailored to your specific needs.

Our newest service offering

Workplace Workout Classes

Our Movement expert Sara Buckingham is excited to partner with you and lead virtual workouts for your team.

Details: 30 Minute to 60 Minute Classes, booked as single sessions or on a regular basis. Prices are customized based on needs.

Types of Classes:

Strength: Body weight exercises to focus on full body strength.

Barre: Based on classic ballet moves, built for full body toning.

Yoga: A class that focuses on mobility and flexibility.

HIIT: Higher intensity cardio based workouts!

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  • *New* Healthy at Home Seminars
    1 hour
  • Thinking Healthy Seminars
    1 hour
  • Feeling Healthy Seminars
    1 hour
  • Working Healthy Seminars
    1 Hour
  • Generally Healthy Seminars
    1 Hour
  • Eating Healthy Seminars
    1 Hour
  • Seasonally Healthy Seminars
    1 Hour

We have an extensive and evolving selection of engaging employee wellness seminars focusing on a holistic and natural approach to healthy living and optimized wellness.

Delivered by our team of Professional Health Providers, our inspiring and refreshing seminars are geared to motivate your employees to make positive healthy lifestyle changes.

Our group programs foster an incredible environment of inspiration, engagement and motivation for your employees.

  • Healthy Nutrition Program
    3 weeks
  • Healthy Stress Program
    6 Weeks
  • Mindfulness Program
    6 Weeks
  • Healthy Weight Program
    10 Weeks
  • Healthy Me Program
    10 Weeks
  • Natural Immune Booster Clininc
  • Seminar: Beat The Flu
  • Seminar: Immune Warrior
  • Workshop: Immune Warrior

Well Street’s Naturopathic Medical team has put together a variety of services to help your employees boost their natural immunity to gain maximal protection against the cold and flu.

Key-note Speaking

Our team of health experts are available for a variety of speaking engagements which can include:

Keynote Speaking
Break-Out Sessions
Corporate Retreats

We can tailor any of our seminars to suit your needs or create custom content for any business or theme. We will meet with you to discuss your needs to customize the content to align with the goals of your event.

Aside from our popular 1-2 hour sessions, we can also customize half- or full-day events. For more interactive sessions, customized workshops can be created which can involve break-out groups, on-site health testing, or focused group discussions, based on your requirements.

Healthy Half Day

4 Spheres of Health in 4 Hours

This Healthy Half-Day includes a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and assistant on-site to inspire and educate your employees’ total wellbeing across 4 spheres of health: Nutrition, Fitness, Mind, and Body.