Vitality Drives Performance

Cultivate an energized
healthy workplace and
ignite your employees’
higher potential.


Fuels Soaring Engagement

Happy and healthy
employees return higher
levels of performance
and drive.

Engagement Leads To Innovation

A positive workplace is contagious and enhances employee motivation for productivity and innovation.


Hatch a Wellness Culture

Forward thinking organizations make a positive impact on their employees lives and the company’s bottom line. more…


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Employee Engagement & Total Well-Being

Well Street empowers organizations to take a proactive path to employee health and wellness. Spark your work culture with actionable total well-being approaches and ignite employee engagement, vitality and happiness.

Dare to dream…what if…

  • You produced a healthier - even robust - bottom-line through an employee wellness program that slashed year-over-year ballooning benefits costs?
  • Your absenteeism, insurance claims and costs plummeted while productivity spiked? All because you provided your employees the ‘how to ’of getting healthy – and staying that way.
  • You actually helped your employees in a meaningful way? Made a real difference in their lives? Through the stress management and weight loss programs, Mary in Accounting averted a stroke, Justin in Distribution dodged diabetes - all of a sudden, It’s got a little more potency than a bonus.
  • The solution came right to your door? Programs shaped and molded to your exact culture, your unique needs and your timelines. Holistic, noninvasive and safe. Onsite, so no commuting, no lost man-hours.
  • You worked with a trusted Canadian company with years of experience in corporate health care. Take a peak at endorsements from our tier-one clients that have us blushing with pride and credibility.
Vitality Creates Productivity

Healthier employees fuel productivity and engagement

All services available across Canada including: Toronto, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Mississauga, Markham, York Region,
Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Halifax, etc.

Our Most
Popular Services

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solutions for your workplace,
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Healthy Stress Resiliency & Mindfulness

Action based learning for stress reduction through mindfulness and resiliency building in the workplace.

Healthy Nutrition

The ultimate nutrition program for healthy body weight, energy levels, concentration and focus, aches and pains, and much more.

Lunch and Learn Seminars

Interactive onsite workplace wellness seminars designed to educate and inspire employee groups of all sizes.