Clients Corner: Wellness Programs Top Priority

According to a recent 2013 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of employees think their employers should do more to help prevent disease, illness and injury.  Employees are not alone on this front — 91% of the 106 employers surveyed agreed they should do more in the area of prevention.
Forward thinking companies such as Samsung Canada and Compass Group are making great strides and doing more to boost their employees’ health.
“Wellness programs play a key stake in supporting the vitality and wellbeing of our employees and this is something we are proud of, and will continue to offer more of”, says Laurie Caldi, HR Business Partner at Samsung Canada.
Samsung Canada offers their employees access to a wide range of wellness programs around all spheres of health. One of the more popular programs in both their Ontario and British Columbia offices is Well Street’s Healthy Detox Program. Participants of the program had several health improvements including 85% of the attendees measuring an increase in their pH balance. “Higher pH correlates to a decrease risk in developing chronic diseases”, says Dr. Jaty Tam, Naturopathic Doctor at Well Street.  Almost all the program participants finished the program with a significant increase in their energy levels. 100% of the participants said they will continue with some of the healthy lifestyle and diet changes they learned during the program.
“This is great news,” says Caldi. “Knowing we are helping our employees take steps to improve their health is a very rewarding outcome.”
Compass Group Canada, one of Canada’s Top Employers, provides a range of valuable benefits to keep their employees happy and healthy. In 2013, Compass Group had over 50 employees complete a 21 day holistic nutritional based program and also saw noticeable improvements in the participants, including: weight loss, improved sleep, better focus and more energy.
According to a recent survey, only 10% of the programs currently offered by Canadian companies target major health risks. Companies like Samsung and Compass Group, who are offering their employees wellness programs around nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits, are being proactive and leading the way for sustainable and meaningful employee wellness.