Well Street Launches New Workplace Nutrition Program

In celebration of Nutrition Month in March, Well Street is proud to announce the launch of a new group workplace wellness program focusing exclusively on building good eating habits – the “Healthy Nutrition Program.”
The program was inspired by feedback from clients who had employees go through Well Street’s Healthy Detox and Healthy Weight Programs.  The employees’ feedback showed a great appreciation for learning the nutritional concepts taught in both these programs and they wanted more.
The 3-week Healthy Nutrition Program was developed and facilitated by Naturopathic Doctors and Nutritionists.  It is fashioned similar to their successful Healthy Detox Program – employees meet in a small group with a Health Professional on a weekly basis where they not only learn nutritional concepts and how to put them into practice, but they also get to discuss their experiences and get feedback from a health professional as well as their peers.
Dr. Jaty Tam, a Naturopathic Doctor and one of the developers of the program, says “What we eat has a huge impact on how well we work. Try having a chocolate bar and see the impact on your productivity.  Through our detox and weight loss programs, we have helped people make some great dietary changes and we hear from them time and again how they have more energy, can think more clearly and are able to handle the stresses of both work and home life easier.  And on top of that, they are preventing disease.  They are so thankful that these long-lasting and life-changing results can happen from a program offered at work.”
According to Dr. Tam, the company’s approach is not to “put people on a diet”, but to help people introduce healthy eating habits into their everyday lives.  The impact for the employer can be seen through increased productivity, a boost in employee morale, decreased absenteeism from sick days, and reduced medical and disability costs.
For more information on the Healthy Nutrition Program, visit the Well Street website at www.wellstr.com/services/group/nutrition
Well Street Health is a provider of employee wellness programs and corporate wellness solutions designed to facilitate healthy behaviour changes to prevent disease and maintain optimal wellness. Programs and solutions are offered onsite at the company premises, and are tailored to fit the health needs of the organization. They help companies cultivate sustainable workplace wellness that boosts employee health, productivity and engagement while decreasing soaring health and benefits costs to the organizations. Clients range from small to large multi-national organizations across Canada.
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