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Well Street Health Announces Natural Immune Boosting Clinics

TORONTO, January 10, 2014 – Well Street Health, (www.wellstr.com) a leading corporate wellness business, is pleased to announce the launch of the Natural Immune Boosting Clinics. The Natural Immune Boosting Clinics are available to companies across Canada and are aimed to compliment the Flu Vaccine by bolstering the immune system and natural defenses of the […]

3 Easy Ways To Prevent Eye Strain

Do you spend most of your day looking at a computer screen? Most office workers work at a computer, and many of us spend on non-working hours looking at other screens – television, tablet, e-Reader, phone, etc. If this is you, you are probably familiar with that tired feeling in your eyes, that dryness that […]

5 Simple Workplace Flu Prevention Strategies

According to Statistics Canada, only 24% of Canadians got the flu shot last year. Does this dwindling statistic mean we will see an uprising in absenteeism from flu illnesses? Not if you take action to be pro-active about flu prevention. Even when an employee gets the flu shot, the vaccine only includes 3 strains of […]

Clients Corner: Wellness Programs Top Priority

According to a recent 2013 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of employees think their employers should do more to help prevent disease, illness and injury.  Employees are not alone on this front — 91% of the 106 employers surveyed agreed they should do more in the area of prevention. Forward […]

Latest Trends for Increasing Flu Clinic Participation

It’s too early to tell how serious the flu outbreak will be this winter. But one thing is for certain, the flu season can have a significant impact on a company’s workforce. Every year, 10 to 25% of Canadians may contract the flu. Absences due to illness and employees coming to work sick can impact […]

Goal-Setting to Kick Start Fall

The fall is about new beginnings. The kids are back at school starting a new year, the air is crisp and clean and hope is in the air. We are able to look forward to new challenges, new opportunities and a fresh start. Fall is also the perfect opportunity to think about your goals and […]

WSJ Personal Spring 2013

The spring edition of the Well Street Journal Personal is here.  A compliment to the original Well Street Journal, which focused on workplace wellness, the Personal Wellness version is about your personal wellness and is geared towards every individual who is interested in their own health and wellness – both employees and employers. This past […]

Spring 2013 Edition of The Well Street Journal

Coming out of a long and dark winter, this spring’s edition of the Well Street Journal focuses on stress and mental health in the workplace. New in this issue is the “Client’s Corner” with feedback from this spring’s  Healthy Detox Program from clients which include Samsung and the National Ballet of Canada. If you are […]