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Corporate Wellness Provider Well Street Spins Off From Work Well Health Canada

“Focusing exclusively on Corporate Wellness allows us to give 100% to our corporate clients and continue to evolve our workplace wellness programs and services to give the best to our clients. This work is exciting because we can help companies save money while helping people live healthier lives.” says Karen Rasmussen Co-Founder at Well Street […]

Optima Health's Incentive-Based Wellness Program Bends Cost Curve

A success story about ROI from a press release found on Digital Journal.com.  Optima Health, the insurance arm of Virginia-based Sentara Healthcare, has saved $4 million over a five-year period since the start of its employee wellness program!  They saved $2.70 for every dollar invested. Projected healthcare costs came in $2 million dollars under projections […]

Jump on the workplace wellness bandwagon

Another article highlighting the advantages of workplace wellness programs in the Great Falls Tribune. This one comes as a bit of a commentary on the recent debate around Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act, and how it may have become a convenient way to distract ourselves from actually taking steps towards better health.  “Reuters reported in […]

Healthiest Employees Champion A Wellness Culture

Benefits Canada posted an interesting article about the Benefits Canada 2012 Benefits & Pension Summit, where Dee Edington, director of the University of Micigan Health Management Research Center, gave a keynote address with a surprising message: workplace safety and quality initiatives that focus on behavioural changes for high risk groups don’t work… what? His point […]