Spring Cleaning: Clearing Our Body, Minds, and Space to Get Organized

When we become disorganized and chaotic, it is portrayed in our living space. Our homes become messy, and it can be hard to find certain objects that we need. It is safe to say that the winter blues hit us hard, and we need help. We need to take back what is ours, mentally and physically, and we need to spring into action!

No, this does not mean we would like you to run a marathon, though you are more than welcome to if you are willing and able. Instead, we encourage you to start small with something like spring cleaning.

Some Benefits of Decluttering and Organizing Our Homes

Saves time: When we have a cluttered and disorganized home, we spend unnecessary time looking for and maintaining our lost items. In contrast, by having a well-organized and decluttered home, we have more time to spend on activities that we want to spend time on such as seeing family and friends.

Increases productivity: With an organized home, we are inclined to be more focused and energized on our tasks at hand as our mental space is less occupied with the chaos of home.

Eases our minds: Having a disorganized home, increases our stress and anxiety levels. By clearing and cleaning the clutter in our homes, we will ease our minds because when we have a cluttered home, we also have a cluttered mind. It is important to note that our external surroundings influence our internal state.

Increases self-esteem: When we have an organized and clean home, we feel more confident about our living space and ourselves. We feel proud of our homes and are willing to host family and friends.

It Starts with Us

It may be difficult to start your spring cleaning with our homes, instead, we can begin to declutter our minds and bodies first.

Becoming Still with Mindfulness

As mentioned earlier, when we have a cluttered home, we have a cluttered mind.  We are distracted with work, home, friends, and responsibilities. But somewhere in the busyness of our lives, we must find the time to be present and still. It is important for us to practice mindfulness and gratitude to help refocus our attention to things that matter in life.

Our seminar “Mindfulness: Focused, Calm, Grounded” talks about ways to stay focused, calm, and grounded through mindfulness. Mindfulness has many beneficial factors to help improve our lives. It reduces stress, assists in becoming less emotionally reactive, boosts work habits and memory, helps with self-insight and self-awareness, decreases task efforts, decreases thoughts unrelated to tasks, increases productivity and contributes to wellbeing.

To Eat or Not to Eat?

At times when we are busy with clutter and chaos, we gravitate to eat foods that are bad for our bodies; this results in being tired, lazy, unfocused, clouded, and physically bloated. Instead, we should focus on eating foods that nourish our bodies and minds to help us stay motivated and focused.

Our seminar “Brain Food: Eating for Energy & Focus” talks about which foods are good for our brain so that our body is fed with the proper amount of nutrients and vitamins to maintain a healthy diet. Foods that support our brains include fruits and vegetables, omega 3 fats such as salmon, walnuts, chia seeds, kiwi, and flax seeds, in addition to probiotic supplementation such as yogurt, kombucha, and fermented foods.

Incorporating Exercises into Our Daily Lives 

Having a cluttered space prevents us from moving our bodies because of the little space we have. By organizing and decluttering our homes, we have the space so that we can exercise in our homes comfortably. When we move our bodies daily, we release endorphins, relieve stress, strengthen, and build muscles, and move circulation. Movement enacts the ability to enhance our brain health which assists in nurturing our mental health and wellbeing.

Our seminar “Functional Movement: Flexibility, Mobility, & Strength From Home” provides exercises that can be incorporated in everyday life. By practicing functional movement exercises, we are preventing injuries by strengthening our mobility and flexibility. Functional movement exercises such as squats help us when we are sitting, and exercises such as lunges help when reaching for something and/or going up the stairs. Functional movement exercises will push our bodies to reach its full range of motion by its ability to become flexible and mobile.

Final takeaways

When our mind and bodies have taken the time to relax and refocus with mindfulness, movement, and brain foods, it is easier to organize our lives in a way that we can handle stress. We need to begin spring cleaning to declutter and organize our lives, beginning with our mind and body. We need to consume foods that support and nurture our brains. We need to practice gratitude and mindfulness to quiet our loud and clouded minds. And we need to move our bodies daily to enhance and strengthen our brain health.

The season of spring represents metamorphosis and reblooming, as such, let us give ourselves the chance to begin again in the springtime. To be kinder to our bodies and minds and stray clear of the stress and clutter that winter brought us.

About Well Street

At Well Street, we are founded on the principles of introducing healthy practices to the workplace, which encompasses both mental and physical health. Comprised of medical professionals who have a background in naturopathy, we aim to help organizations foster a healthy corporate environment in order to boost productivity and morale. If you would like to learn more about how our team can help you or your company, consider contacting us to find out more. We are happy to provide you with guidelines and approaches to support the wellbeing of your team members through virtual seminars and programs.

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